"Trusted and True Local Provider"
Doug Phelps, Brian Phelps (Owners), Larry Nace (Service and Delivery Technician), Alan Phelps, Dean Cook (Owners), and Darrison Cook (Propane Associate)

Union Propane, LLC is a full service propane provider in Union County Ohio. Over 30 years ago, Sliv Wilson sold his propane business in Broadway, Ohio. This left a need, unfulfilled, for serving the residents of Union County. Since then, no other propane company has called Union County their home, until NOW!  We are locally owned and operated to better serve Union County. We all live and work in Union County and are proud to bring the best of propane products and service to the residents of Union County ...and beyond.

Take a moment and ask yourself a few questions.
1: Who is my propane provider?
2: Where are they actually located?
3: Are they an active part of my community?
4: Are they concerned about me as a customer?

These are just some of the questions and concerns you should be asking about your propane service provider. Fact is, all energy costs are high. You, as consumers, should have a relationship with your suppliers. We can meet the challenge and we look forward to building a special relationship with our customers.

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