Union Propane Pricing Request

What is propane price right now?

How Propane Pricing Works

Union Propane is ready to provide you with the best customer service and pricing on propane available; whether you own your tank or lease one.

If you lease a tank, you must lease it from Union Propane in order for us to fill it. If you are interested in leasing through Union Propane, simply submit a price request. We will contact you with pricing and installation details. The same applies for purchasing a tank.

If you already own a tank and simply need propane, please note that in your inquiry. We will contact you with a price based on the program you are inquiring about. If you are interested in purchasing a new tank, we can help you with that as well.

Union Propane takes pride in being your

“Trusted and True Local Provider”

 and we look forward to serving you!

Need help?

For information and assistance with your heating cost please visit the following partner:

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