At Union Propane you are not just a customer. You are our friends, neighbors and colleagues. We pride ourselves on being locally owned, locally operated and being a propane company that you can trust. Check out our services here:


Propane Tanks

  • We fill, set and service tanks. Do you need a new tank? Does your current tank need attention? Not to worry, simply use our contact us page to define your need and a member of our service staff will contact you within 48 hours or 2 business days.


Automatic Fill

  • Customers who enroll in our Automatic Fill program can enjoy life without the worry of running low on propane. Deliveries are made when the tank is estimated to be low by computer monitoring.


  • We allow our customers to contract and pre-purchase a set amount of propane for the year . By pre-purchasing your propane, you protect yourself from price spikes in the market.


Setting or filling tanks anywhere, anytime is our business. We look forward to building a relationship with you and we hope when you think about propane, you think of Union Propane, the only “Trusted and True Local Provider”.